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Im new experience project and finally decided to get my blog started. My first blog will be about something I had to put up with for 7 years. Feel free to share your stories I'm the comments. Here's mine, kindergarten wasn't too bad just name calling, first grade was great besides name calling nothing too bad. Things got bad at 2nd grade. I was made fun of for stupid things and called rude things (for my age then but that's not the point). Third grade was put down for everything and even kicked under the bathroom stalls. Forth grade was my first fist fight, the catch the teacher stood there and watched and did nothing. Fifth grade was when I met a bastard named Jaden, he had a whole clique of at least 15 kids backing him up and was relentless. I ended slamming against the bathroom wall and he backed off. It was self defense since he knocked me against a wall first. 6th grade was when I met a worse motherfucker named Carson who was the last straw. He threatened to kill me and my family and he turned my friends against me (some friends they were). I put him on his ass and was in home schooled for the rest of the year. Again it was self defense since he literally jumped me (not over me head just off the side. He was trying to push me into the desks.) went back for one moth this year. Met at least 10 of his friends there one who tried to destroy my property and I was assaulted and more so now I'm permanently in home schooled. The teachers and principles were no better. The police department was no help too. That's what I've went through and I know people have it worse. People are being killed every day in school because of bullying and it need to end.

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